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Works with: Quell 2.0 & Quell
FSA Eligible

Quell Electrodes - Combo Four Pack

sku: QE-P22 Product ID: 4101923307598 Brand: Quell Relief

Contains 8 Long Life Electrodes

$ 99.95
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Contains 8 long life electrodes (4 standard + 4 sport)

This Combo pack includes two packages of Quell Standard Electrodes and two packages of Quell Sport Electrodes.  Each electrode package contains two electrodes. Each electrode is designed to last for approximately two weeks of typical use.

Quell Standard Electrodes were designed to deliver comfortable, effective pain relief all year round. Standard Electrodes feature:

  • Soft gel optimized to provide consistent, comfortable nerve stimulation in most conditions and ideal for daily use
  • Tabs at each end for easy removal

Quell Sport Electrodes have a unique sport gel designed to better hold up in situations with high levels of humidity and perspiration. The Sport Electrodes absorb less moisture, but are otherwise comparable to the standard Quell Electrodes. Sport Electrodes feature:

  • Sweat-resistant sport gel which absorb less moisture
  • Suitable for seasonal or occasional use, as needed
  • Good for use during outdoor activities in humid weather and when perspiring excessively
  • Tabs at each end for easy removal

Both are compatible with Quell and Quell 2.0 devices.

Quell Electrodes are FSA (Flexible Spending account) eligible and may be purchased with your FSA card.

Electrodes only work with the Quell device; both electrode and device are required.

Download the Quell Electrode Care Tips

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